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As Your Cornelius Chiropractor We WILL Get You Results!

We pride ourselves in being uniquely distinct in our field...and the proof is our patients who say they've tried everything including other doctors and have gotten no relief, but after only one treatment with Dr. Kuhn saw SIGNIFICANT improvement. We WILL get you results! Dr. Kuhn has advanced training in alternative treatments that target the underlying issue of your pain - not just putting a band-aid on your symptoms. This Q&A with Dr. Kuhn explains what we do and how we can help....

How does Chiropractic care improve mobility and physical fitness?

Chiropractic care and fitness are complementary to one another. To achieve an optimal level of health and fitness one must have adequate amounts of exercise, good nutrition, rest, and proper nervous system function as well as eliminating as much stress as possible. Bad posture, poor lifting habits and improper exercise techniques destroy healthy tissue. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities create fluid motion to restricted joints.

What techniques and therapies do you utilize to help your patients?

I utilize a wide array of active and passive therapies to reduce pain, promote healing and improve motion. Chiropractic manipulation is primarily used to improve nervous system function and structural biomechanics. Along with chiropractic adjustments, I also use various strengthening and stretching exercises, Graston Technique, Kinesiology Taping, Myofascial Release, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Cox Flexion-Distraction and nutritional counseling, with proper supplementation, to promote an anti-inflammatory diet.

Why are soft tissue therapies so important for patients, especially athletes?

Soft tissue therapies such as Graston and Myofascial Release greatly improves muscle activation, function and blood flow to and from the area. Athletes and patients alike need to restore good bio-mechanical efficiency for strength and stability. Myofascial adhesions or “knots” limit range of motion, decrease athletic performance and in many instances causes pain, which prevents the patient from functioning optimally or the way they did before an injury.

What common conditions, that cause pain and inflammation, can be treated effectively by a Chiropractor?

Many people are not aware that treatment by a Chiropractor will usually provide relief for common musculoskeletal conditions besides pain and discomfort of the neck and lower back. I have been able to achieve great results for my patients treating other various conditions related to the shoulders, elbows, knees, and feet. Typically treatment for mild to moderate discomfort can usually be achieved in only a few visits.

What makes Kuhn Sport & Spine so unique compared to other practitioners?

I am also a Board Certified Chiropractic “Sports” Physician, having completed rigorous post doctoral training in specialized sports medicine. Patients receive customized treatment programs designed specifically to treat their individual issues. With so few certified sports chiropractors in the area, many athletes who perform at a high level of training seek out my expertise in this specialized area of treatment.

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