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Suffer From Work Related Back Pain?

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With so many employees spending countless hours at their desk in front of a computer, it’s no surprise that many people experience back pain at work. Today’s office workers have back pain from poor posture, sitting too long and bad ergonomics. With these tips, you can adjust your office environment and your habits to ensure that you remain pain free at work.

Good posture is foundational to being pain free and starts with simply sitting up straight. You can make certain that you do this by having a chair that is stable and adjusted for the correct height, with your thighs resting parallel to the floor at a right angle when your feet flat on the ground.

If you use a computer, make sure that the monitor is positioned to be directly in your field of vision when sitting up straight. If you have to look down or up while using your monitor, it can affect the muscles in your neck and back, causing pain and fatigue. You also want to make sure the keyboard and mouse are positioned so that your arms run parallel to the floor like your legs at a height that doesn’t feel too low or high and does not cause strain when in use.

Lastly, take a break from sitting every half hour. Bodies are not designed to be in one position for long and doing so can lead to discomfort. Stretches and short walks can help alleviate back pain and have the added benefit of clearing your mind so you can return to your work with more focus.

If you find that constant back pain is interfering with your quality of life, visiting a chiropractor can help determine if your pain stems from underlying issues. Chiropractors can work with your unique needs to develop a customized therapy plan to rid you of your pain.

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