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Dr. Kuhn's keen expertise and commitment to the overall well-being of his patients places him vastly ahead of any other chiropractor / physician services I have ever received. He took the time to get to know me and my expectations for my own physical health before starting any form of treatment. In doing so, he was able to tailor a plan of therapeutic treatments and gave me exercises that I could do at home to both strengthen my weak areas and improve my flexibility. The pretreatment discussion and exam that we had also yielded in the discovery of a past injury that no other physician had found, which was the root of many of my physical aches. In addition to in-office treatment, Dr. Kuhn provided demonstrations and training exercises that I could perform to help me further my healing process. From the beginning of my visit until the end, Dr. Kuhn was knowledgeable yet down-to-earth in a way that made me feel at ease and feel like he was invested in helping me to improve my overall physical well-being. I cannot endorse him enough!

Julie Berry

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I was experiencing pain in my lower back (SI Joint) that eventually became all consuming by December 2016. I visited orthopedics and Physiatrists and had MRIs, physical therapy, and injections without relief. I was frequently taking combinations of muscle relaxers, Naproxsen, and Aleve which only masked the pain. I dreaded travel... long drives and long flights were excruciating. I was depressed and desparate for relief and afraid that constant pain would be my new normal after leading a fairly active and adventurous lifestyle. I eventually found Dr. Kuhn online and after reading the fantastic reviews and his differentiated approach, I scheduled an appointment in August 2017 and was seen immediately. As covered in the other reviews, Dr. Kuhn listened intently, asked lots of questions and conducted a thorough evaluation. He devised a treatment plan that would address and resolve my specific issue using cutting edge techniques including Graston. I had immediate relief after my first visit and was pain free after approximately 8 visits. I now continue maintenance visits once a month at my request to make sure I remain pain free, medication free, healthy and active. If you are in pain, give Dr. Kuhn a try. He changed my life! 

Theresa James

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I have been to several other chiropractors in the past. My new issue was major inflammation on the inside of my right foot. This appeared out of nowhere. First, I went to a foot doctor and he told me I had a collapsed arch and tendonitis and put me in a brace and prescribed meloxicam. After a month of this with absolutely no improvement, my friend recommended Dr. Kuhn. She explained how he had helped her with several issues and she could not believe the relief he helped her obtain. She even took her teenage daughter to him on a consistent basis. Dr. Kuhn took time during my first appointment to hear my struggle. He then explained the graston technique and started it on my foot. It hurt a lot and then there was sudden relief. I started crying because in that moment I had hope. I had hope that I would recover from this constant pain. I have now been to three appointments and I feel SO much better after each one. I do not suffer from constant pain in the foot anymore. I do not wear the brace or take the medication. My husband was so happy to see the relief I received with the care of Dr. Kuhn. I wish everyone I know would go see him and experience an adjustment. It is life changing!

Diana L.

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Dr Kuhn is the most amazing chiropractor ! He takes the time to explain things to you, he does not make false promises and he gets to the root of the problem.   He is the real deal! He does not want to keep seeing you week after week,three times a week -he wants to get you fixed and send you on your way-that's his whole goal in his practice.   My whole family uses him and I have recommended him to many of my friends and neighbors who are also extremely happy with the results they have seen.  Trust me - you will not want to go to any other chiropractor after you have seen Dr Kuhn!!

Jill P.

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We highly recommend Dr. KUHN and his team. My son is a Rugby player and had suffered with various pains for over a year that was just attributed to the sport by his PCP. He identified a couple of issues with his hips and shoulders that he immediately began fixing. After just the first vist, our son felt so much better that we decided to use Dr. KUHN ad a maintenance plan as well. We trust him so much that we asked him if he knew how our son might improve his athleticism. He took the time to develop a eating plan that has significantly improved his playing. Dr. KUHN is a wealth of knowledge and we are lucky to have him

Richard C.

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If you're in need of chiropractic services, I very highly recommend Kuhn Sport and Spine. I was in a car accident a few months ago. After an ER visit and PCP visit with no relief in pain or mobility. I took a friends advice and went to see a Chiropractor. I found Dr. Kuhn, he is truly heaven sent, he has gotten me back to the old me. He has very innovative techniques that work wonders. Dr. Kuhn takes the time to get to know you, what you want your outcome to be. He doesn’t rush your treatments or visits, he will take time to explain anything you would like to know. Not only does he do adjustments he takes the time to show you exercises that will help you at home as well. The ladies that work with him are just as pleasant as he is to talk with. Monica and Laura are absolutely fantastic. They all get to know you by name and it is honestly a great feeling knowing that you are taken care of from your first step through the door. Please take my advice, if you need a fantastic Chiro and want to be more that a name on a file, go see Dr. Kuhn.

Brandy G.

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Dr Kuhn is amazing! He and his wife are very active in the community, so it is always wonderful to see them caring for and engaging with the community they live in. When my wife had her neck totally lock up in pain. He made a special trip to the office just to care for her. THAT made my family feel special. Moments like that show you someone's true colors! He is passionate about people, and that is why he is our family's chiropractor!!!

Chaz C.

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Simply put there is no better place to receive the highest quality chiropractic treatment! Dr. Kuhn is extremely knowledgeable and his bedside manner and compassion are unmatched. I am so thankful that when I moved here and had an acute back injury all of the other chiropractor offices in the area refused to see me immediately (when I actually needed help)! What good is an appointment in a week or two when you can’t stand up straight?? I called his office and he saw me THAT DAY, and even called me that evening (a Friday) to see how I was doing. He again saw me the following morning (I’m pretty sure he opened the office just to see me) and after just those two treatments I was able to walk out of his office upright. I see him now occasionally for maintenance treatments and his office is always kind and very accommodative to my busy schedule.

Elliot L.

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Never met a more personable, caring and thorough doctor. Very clear about assessment and treatment plans. Calm and soothing atmosphere in the office. One visit and my back pain was 40% better. Dr. Kuhn will be a part of my total wellness plan for a long time!

Justin B.

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Let me first say that I, generally, am a skeptical patient. That is, until Dr. Kuhn began intensive rehab with me. I am an intensely active person who engages in "extreme" sports on a regular basis and who needs to perform at a high level on a regular basis. I've dealt with major lower back issues for my entire adult life after nearly breaking my back playing competitive soccer in my late teens. I have literally had every conventional treatment available performed to address these issues. My previous treatments included extensive physical therapy, prior chiropractic care, accupunture and a micro-decompression surgery. The results, prior to my work with Dr. Kuhn, were short-lived, at best. Dr. Kuhn, however, has changed the way I am able to live and compete on a day-to-day basis. This gentleman knows more about effective approaches to chiropractic and holistic medicine than my previous doctors will ever know. He is extremely knowledgable, patient-focused, methodical and an excellent listener. His bed-side manner is unparalleled. He spends the time with patients required to thoroughly understand their medical history. He then is able to quickly understand the specific sources of pain, based on patient feedback and examination. He also addressed some dietary needs that I never discovered I had, though I've be to many specialists in my day. His practice does NOT resemble the "assembly-line" approach to chiropractic care. Simply put: He is extraordinary and has changed my life for the better! My rehab has not been an easy road. He will tell you that your success will be directly effected by your willingness to work diligently on the things necessary for a successful healing and strengthening. He has helped to get me healthy and back on my game. If you've had unsuccessful experiences with other practitioners, give him an opportunity. You will NOT be wasting your time. Kudos and much thanks to Dr. Kuhn!

Mike S.

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I'm 62 years old and finally found a chiropractor who understands how to treat an older person and he relieves my back pain! He also spends a substantial amount of time with me not like other chiropractors where you are in/out in 2 seconds. He also talks to me each visit to find out where my discomfort is instead of just assuming I need the same type of adjustment as the time before. Knows a heck of a lot about nutrition which is very helpful, especially for my husband who has bad arthritis, who is also a patient. Although I'm not an athlete I find that Dr. Kuhn, because he is a certified sports physician, is much more knowledgeable about techniques and treatments. Highly recommend.

Karen R.

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Dr. Kuhn was able to identify and fix my ailing shoulder in one treatment. I saw Dr. Kuhn after experiencing a few weeks of pain in my shoulder, and the sensation that my shoulder was "giving out" even under small amounts of stress. For example - when lifting my mountain bike into the back of my pickup truck - I had the sensation of sharp pain, and a feeling that my shoulder "gave out" under the light weight of my bike. Dr. Kuhn used a technique called the Graston Technique which he explained to me in detail. He took the time to explain the treatment with me, what he would do during the session and what I could expect afterwards. Dr. Kuhn did explain that treatment could take more than one session - in my case it worked it one treatment, which was wonderful. I can not even begin to explain the immediate relief that I had. It was like night and day. I will be using Dr. Kuhn for all of my sports chiropractic needs!!

Matt R.

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I highly recommend Dr. Kuhn and his staff. I have seen chiropractors in the past but Dr. Kuhn's practice is above and beyond what I previously experienced. He is so passionate about his work and he takes the time to really get to know his patients. I have been experiencing lower back and hip pain for years and I am finally getting some relief. Dr. Kuhn's adjustments, soft tissue strategies, and exercise recommendations have made a huge difference for me. In addition, his knowledge about food and nutrition has helped me develop better eating habits and I make more informative decisions about the foods I purchase at the grocery store. His facility is modern with a spa-like feel and he uses all the latest technology. Definitely a 5 star experience!

Michelle S.

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I've been going to Kuhn Sport & Spine for several weeks now, and I can already tell there's been a noticeable improvement in my health. The chronic pain in both my neck and back has decreased significantly. Dr. Kuhn and his staff are incredibly caring, talented, and professional. They are passionate about improving the health and well-being of their patients, and it comes through in all that they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from an injury or chronic pain.

Mark C.

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What really impressed me about Dr. Kuhn is his sports knowledge. I work in a desk all day so I have usual back and neck discomfort but I am also am an avid swimmer and ice hockey player. My leisure activities were causing wrist pain but I wasn't willing to give them up. Dr. Kuhn focused on improving the muscles causing the pain (a previous chiropractor just popped my wrist in various directions) and now, I'm back on the ice/in the pool stronger than before.

Michael P.

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