Kinesiology tape is one of the newest techniques to hit the chiropractic world. It offers a medication-free way to control pain as well as stability without hindering range of motion. Professional athletes frequently use taping and are making it a very well known treatment preference. Taping can be done for adding musculoskeletal support, decreasing pain, inflammation, improve circulation of blood and lymph, etc.


The key benefit of Kinesiology tape is to reduce and prevent contraction of the affected muscle. It accomplishes this by helping to increase the natural blood flow around the muscle, facilitating the natural healing process. It can also be used to reduce localized swelling associated with surgery. To athletes, the real benefit is that it helps individuals continue with their normal daily routine and sports activities and speeds up the healing process so there’s less time spent on the sidelines.


May 25, 2017

July 16, 2016

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