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At Kuhn Sport & Spine, we strive to empower our patients to become active participants in their health. We accomplish this through education on the proper tools essential to their specific health needs. Spinal stabilization is vital for coordination, balance, strength and endurance.  The primary goal of rehabilitation is to prevent re-injury and improve spinal alignment.

With a staff specializing in sports medicine, Kuhn Sport & Spine is the best at treating athletes. Our approach to sports injury is: what caused the injury, how can we fix it, what symptoms is it causing and how do we get you back to peak performance.


Our objective is to teach patients how to control their own symptoms through low tech means such as exercise, stability training, strengthening and postural re-education.  Our evidence based teatment recommendations are based on the precise goals and defined needs of each individual patient.

The sporting world is now coming to realise the high quality level of diagnosis, treatment and injury prevention that a specialist Sports Chiropractor can provide.

Common Sports Injuries That We Treat…

Lower back pain
Neck pain
Hamstring and calf strains
Knee and hip injuries
Tennis elbow / Golfers elbow
Groin and thigh strains
Shoulder / rotator cuff strains
Repetitive strains
Chronic injury rehabilitation
Wrist sprains

Trapped nerves
Ankle sprains
Achilles strains
Spinal disc damage
Muscle tears
Pelvic joint sprains
ITB injuries
Shin splints
Intercostal muscle strains
AC joint injuries



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