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Graston Technique is an advanced therapeutic method for diagnosing and treating disorders of the muscles and related connective tissue. The method employs stainless steel instruments of particular shapes and sizes, which are used to evaluate and treat injured or irritated tissues in patients’ bodies.


Graston is especially well suited in detecting and resolving adhesions, restrictions, scar tissue or irritation in the muscles and tendons and connective tissue in all locations of the body.


The instrument used is chosen based on the body part, tissue mass and the particular disorder or complaint. The Graston method has been successfully employed in treating conditions such as carpal tunnel, rotator cuff injuries, knee disorders (especially collateral ligament injuries), plantar fasciitis, TMJ disorders, intercostal muscle sprains/strains,TFL disorders, lateral epicondylitis and many more common musculoskeletal conditions.


This technique is appropriate across the age spectrum from children to senior citizens.

The Technique:

  • Separates and breaks down collagen cross-links, and splays and stretches connective tissue and muscle fibers

  • Increases skin temperature

  • Facilitates reflex changes in the chronic muscle holding pattern

  • Alters spinal reflex activity (facilitated segment)

  • Increases the rate and amount of blood flow to and from the area

  • Increases cellular activity in the region, including fibroblasts and mast cells

  • Increases histamine response secondary to mast cell activity 


  • Decreased overall time of treatment

  • Better outcomes in treating both acute and chronic injuries

  • Faster Rehabilitation and Recovery time

  • Reduced need for anti-inflammatory and pain medications

  • Resolves chronic conditions thought to be permanent

  • Allows patients to maintain normal activity during treatment

  • Resolves effects of post surgical scarring


Dr. Kuhn is a Certified Graston Provider and has advanced training in this technique.


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