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If you suffer from the condition commonly known as sciatica, you may be experiencing constant low back pain -- or you may struggle with symptoms such as leg pain, numbness in your feet, and a variety of other debilitating issues. This impingement of the sciatic nerve can produce all kinds of problems, and bouts of sciatica may reoccur for years if the underlying cause is not addressed. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustment and other treatments offered at Kuhn Sport & Spine can help relieve your discomfort and reduce the risk of re-occurrence.


The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, extending from the lumbar nerve roots (starting at the L3 level) all the way through the buttock and leg, where it branches out into all the smaller nerves that serve the lower leg and foot. Any pinched nerve can cause pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness in any of the body parts it serves. When the sciatic nerve is impinged, it can lead to severe pain as the sciatic nerve serves a large portion of the body from the lower back and down. 


How does a pinched nerve in this area of the body occur? Generally, sciatica occurs when a spinal structure puts pressure on a lumbar or sacral nerve root toward the bottom of the spine. A herniated or bulging disc can be the most common cause of this. It can also be the result of subluxated or shifting vertebrae, narrowing of the spinal canal, or an irritated sacroiliac joint. Whatever the cause, a bout of sciatica can last for weeks and even months, making it difficult or impossible to perform your daily tasks -- and without treatment, the symptoms tend to plague you over and over again.


Sciatica Treatment

Dr. Mitchel Kuhn has successfully treated many cases of sciatica. The key to relieving the symptoms is to address the reason the pinched nerve keeps reoccurring an eliminating the bio-mechanical stress. Chiropractic adjustments can correct subluxations, taking pressure off of the sciatic nerve for dramatic, drug-free symptom relief. 


Once your sciatica symptoms have faded, we want to do our best to keep them from coming back. If poor posture or weakened core and glute muscles have made you unusually prone to sciatica over the years, then we may prescribe physical therapy to help you strengthen those muscles so you can practice better posture at all times. 


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