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Many people do not realize that choosing Chiropractic for expectant mothers and children of all ages (newborn to adolescents) is both safe and recommended for a variety of conditions.


Prenatal Chiropractic Care is important throughout all stages of pregnancy and we offer the highest quality care for our pediatric and expectant mothers in our Cornelius office. Chiropractic adjustments help promote optimal function of the nervous system.  There is a growing number of research studies to support use of Chiropractic Care to aid in managing common pregnancy related issues, like back pain, headaches, muscle aches, morning sickness, etc.  This supports a healthier, easier birthing and labor process.















Pediatric Chiropractic Care is rapidly becoming more widespread and accepted. Children and adolescents deal with a variety of stressors in today's world--Physical (birth trauma, falls/accidents, athletic demands), Chemical (pollutants, food additives), Emotional (fear/anxiety, peer pressure).  Chiropractic Care helps their tender, yet resilient, bodies and nervous systems respond to those stressors.  A large body of research supports Pediatric Chiropractic Care for children dealing with conditions like Colic, Asthma, Ear Infections, Bed Wetting, ADHD,  Headaches, Dysmmenorhea, and many more.  Starting Chiropractic Care with young people helps nurture the idea of wellness care and personal responsibility for health and well-being in the child/adolescent's mind.


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