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Many people seek chiropractic care to help alleviate pain and get back to living symptom free lives.


At Kuhn Sport & Spine we strive to reduce the adaptations or symptoms (stage 1) as fast as possible so you can get back to living a pain free life. While improving your symptoms we ask you to take your health one step further… 


Once you are out of pain (Stage 1), Dr. Mitchel Kuhn may develop a performance plan (Stage 2) designed to fit your individual needs or desires. This plan may include nutritional counseling, postural changes, strengthening and conditioning programming, and professional guidance for any other medical condition you may have. So that you may be properly co-managed if necessary by other medical professionals.


The wellness plan at our Lake Norman Chiropractic clinic is a 5 step approach that focuses on: Optimum Nerve Flow, Optimum Nutrition, Exercise, Quality Rest, and Positive Mental Health. Dr. Kuhn will tailor the wellness plan to optimize your health based on your specific needs and desires.


At Kuhn Sport & Spine we strive to help you through a customized performance plan (Stage 2) and move you into a wellness plan (Stage 3) where you continue living your life at your optimum health and greatest potential under chiropractic care.


Your lifelong health is OUR goal at Kuhn Sport & Spine!

wellness care in lake norman


Schedule a consultation by calling (704) 896-7571 or use our Contact Form. We can immediately set up an evaluation in our office and promptly address your pain and concerns.

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